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Ace Passion

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This Fragrance has a freshness, and happiness blooms with a classic spring note

Burn Time: This 12-cl candle Tin has 15-20 hours of burning life if you follow our candle care instructions from our drop-down menu.

Ingredients: Our candles are all made from 100% Coconut-Soy Wax naturally sourced and non-toxic, environmentally friendly and sustainable, nontoxic fragrance oil, crackling wooden wick, hand poured with love.

Packaging: Our candle containers are all Eco friendly and recyclable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amazing Candles

The Candles burn really well. This scent is amazing, absolutely beautiful.
Im a retailer, and out of all the homemade brands I purchased, this is by far my favourite scent and candle brand for quality, value for money and scent throw.
Having the added bonus of quality jars in the larger candles & the flowers & crystals.
Simply amazing! I will be returning.


Smells amazing and burns very lovely.