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    We specialised in a collection of luxury Coconut- Soy Wax candles and Wax Melts which are nontoxic vegan products that focus on our everyday mental needs, scented candles stimulate our brain hormones and mood.

    • Your Health Is Our Priority

      Our candles are Phthalate Free & Non-Toxic they were made with your health in mind. no parabens, or Prop 65 ingredients. We also use Eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes, clean Fragrances, Non-toxic and all Natural,

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    • Take Your Favourite Scent Wherever You Go

      Whether you're in a five-star hotel or a Airbnb, travel size candles are a great way to set the mood for fun, romance, or relaxation

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    • Love Wins

      Candles as colorful and diverse as our community.

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    • Gift Ideas

      Candles make wonderful gifts for any occasion, perfect for when you just can't figure out what to buy someone. They create a peaceful environment, add style and are sure to be appreciated.

    • Wax Melts

      A wax melt can give off a slight scent when cold; however, they are designed to be slowly warmed using a wax warmer.

    • We Donate to Hope & Homes For Children

      To ensure children are safe, happy, secure and has the opportunities they need to reach their potential. £ 1 of every candle sale will be donated to Hope and Homes for Children via Work for Good!

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    • The Soothing Effect Of Candles

      Lighting a candle can be the perfect way to create a calm environment, relieve stress from work or even reduce anxiety.

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    • Crackling Wooden Wick

      These candles emits a crackling sound similar in nature to a fireplace with wood logs, which creates a pleasant and appealing effect.

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